About Us


Established in 2012, the first Tantrum was built when a master fabricator in Texas welded for himself an indestructible case to protect his phone from the wear and tear of the job. After a few weeks and few site visits, more and more tradesman asked if they could have a case like that too. A waiter where he was having lunch, a businessman where he was overseeing a project, the teenage daughter of a friend, even a few folks working for the state wanted to have a case just like it.

He quickly realized that there was a market for something stronger than anything available and went to work. After extensive research and development of both processes and materials, the current Tantrum Case was born. What started out as a single fella is now a team of designers and engineers working side by side with the development and distribution folks to bring the Tantrum to you. We’re based in Kerrville, Texas and pride ourselves on making and selling a 100% American made product.